The production program of springs


The springs are one of the most revolutionary inventions which has substantially influenced the development of mankind. Today they are everywhere : from a spray bottle to tractors or trains. OPRUGE Pikić produce all kinds of springs with wire diameters from 0.2 mm to 20 mm , spring fuses and springs made of spring steel. We produce compression springs (cylindrical, conical, barrels and combined ) as well as Extension ( with all kinds of eyelets ) and torsion springs with different forms of corners. In addition , we also produce custom-made springs by drawing, sample and customer's request, spring clips and wire elements and springs made of spring steel per customer's request. In the manufacturing process of springs we use the highest quality materials such as steel patented wire (EN 10270-1 and DIN 17223-1) , the valve wires - oteva (EN 10270-2 and DIN 17223-2), chromium - nickel stainless steel wire - (10270-3-1.4310 EN or DIN - 17224), spring steel (EN 10089 or DIN - 50CrV4) , spring plate (EN 10089 or DIN -51 CrV4) as well as other types of spring materials by request. Since we have both classical and modern equipment for the production of springs, as well as a computerized line for straightening wires with diameters up to 6 mm and making welded mesh with a minimum dimesions 15x20 mm, and maximum per customer's request , we are able to offer all kinds of wire elements of spring and bright drawn wire.

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Compression springs

This type of spring works based on pressure and combined pressure and torsion.
The compression springs are:
• Coil springs,
• Conical springs,
• Bararel springs and
• Special springs

These springs can be with brushed and polished ends, and springs, that work to curl the ends of the springs, are made upon customers request.

Note: With all the crafted springs we deliver the following documentation:
• Certificate of material quality
• A certificate of product quality

Special springs

Special springs include springs for special and different purposes. They differ from the standard spring in shape, size and purpose. To create this type of spring takes a lot of experience and technical preparation for what we are recognized. These springs are made of spring wires of all the types and of metal sheets.








Extension springs

Extension springs are widely used and adapted to different places of installation.
They are made of several parts connected in one whole with a solid or a adjustable connection with various types of hooks:
• Standard (German, English) hook
• Elongated,
• Double,
• Rotating and
• Special hooks on request as can be seen from the displayed photos



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Torsion springs

Torsion springs, in the preparation of these springs all elements of the spring are adjusted to the function and location of the installation such as:
• The shape of the spring,
• Wind the thread,
• The ends of the springs.







Spring clip and hoop earrings

We produce all kinds of spring fuses of different shapes and sizes according to customer's request (O-shape, omega and beta form), fuses for holes and shafts. Fuses in our product range are widely used in mechanical and electrical industries. We produce all kinds of wire rings and hook pendants, chains and other products for use on request. All fuses and hoop earrings are made of spring material, bright drawn wire and materials on request.

Wire Meshes

Wire Meshes is widely used in building hardware, engineering and individual households. We have good quality in the size and hardness of the welding. Production of welded fabric is performed on a computerized line for wire mesh and wire straightening and cutting to size up to Fi 6 mm. Other dimensions are done on request.





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