OPRUGE Pikić is a company that, by its registration, new on the Serbian market ( in APR - registered in 2013. ) . However, she uses the knowledge and experience of nearly 50 years of one of the first private craftsmen in Yugoslavia , Bozidar Pikić . Aware of the importance and very widely use of springs in our daily life ( almost all products at home and industry contain at least one spring ) , Bozidar Pikić has gradually developed manufacturing from handicraft shops in the early 90's which evolved into one of the largest private companies - manufacturers of springs ( TEHNOMERKUR ) . Development of Tehnomerkur in the last 15 years has traveled in the direction of diversification of production, so that new products are developed and a wide range of production in the field of metal accessories has been launched. Wanting to give spring manufacturing its due attention , Tehnomerkur leadership has decided to separate the complete spring manufacture and transfer it to a newly established company OPRUGE Pikić . In this way , we use the best of the combination of youth , knowledge and experience. We have new ideas , modern way to access the market , but we have kept our accumulated knowledge and experience of a traditional relationship with business partners and willingness to fully commit to the development of production of springs .



Mila Pikić

For more than 20 years working in the family business. Through all phases of work, the warehouse operations through manufacturing to administration and management. The General Manager, who carries responsibility for the entire business of the company, and in particular for the development of the manufacturing process and the expansion of sales networks.

Email: mila@oprugepikic.rs

Maja Jakovljević
Deputy director

Bachelor of Economics, with over 14 years of experience in performing administrative and financial affairs of private manufacturing companies and public administration.

Email: maja@oprugepikic.rs

Goran Gužvić
Production Manager

Production manager, from a total of 25 years experience the last 21 is engaged in Company TEHNOMERKUR on the manufacturing of springs. He has worked a variety of jobs, from the workers at the facility to commercial operations and new product development.

Email: goran@oprugepikic.rs

Call us at: "+381 11 78 60 219