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We offer a wide selection of springs and other wire products both from our standard product range and custom-made for you: according to sample, drawing or special request. You choose and we produce the finest materials, respecting the agreed quality and timelines.
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The springs are one of the most revolutionary inventions which has substantially influenced the development of mankind. Today they are everywhere: from a spray bottle to the tractor or a train. OPRUGE Pikić produces all kinds of springs with wire diameters from 0.2 mm to 20 mm, spring clips and springs made of spring sheet.



We produce compression springs (cylindrical , conical , barrels and combined) as well as Extensions (with all kinds of eyelets) and torsion springs with different forms of corners. In addition , we also produce special custom made springs based on the draft and the request of the customer, spring clips and wire elements and springs made of spring steel per customer's request. In the manufacturng process of springs we use the highest quality materials such as steel patented wire (EN 10270-1 and DIN 17223-1) , the valve wires - oteva (EN 10270-2 and DIN 17223-2) , chromium - nickel stainless steel wire - (10270-3-1.4310 EN or DIN - 17224) , spring steel (EN 10089 or DIN - 50CrV4 ) , spring plate (EN 10089 or DIN -51 CrV4) as well as other types of spring materials by customer's request. Since we have both classical and modern equipment for the production of springs, as weel as a computerized line for straightening wire diameters up to 6 mm and making welded mesh with the minimum dimesions of 15x20 mm and maximum per customer request , we are able to offer all kinds of wire elements made of spring and bright drawn wire .

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